True story; I am an avid tree hugger. Yup, I will walk up to trees and hug them. Big, small, rough, smooth, you show me a tree and if called to, I am gonna wrap my arms around it. Why???? Because, since being a youngster, I have the fondest memories; climbing them, building forts in them, going for walks with my family surrounded by them, picking them for yummy fruits, the list goes on and on. So when I started to consider a series that was both close to home and aesthetically beautiful I kept coming back to trees. Perhaps your like me and find that a tree is not just the sum of its parts. Perhaps you vibe with the texture, the leaves that fall, the way the branches resonate with an escher drawing, heck maybe you just like Oxygen and appreciate that without trees, no oxygen. Whatever your inclination, here is my initial series of trees. All images were shot and processed digitally.

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